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Lays Potato Chips Classic Salted 73g

Lays Classic Salted Chips
  • Made with high-quality potatoes that are specially selected for their flavor and texture
  • Fried in vegetable oil for a crispy, crunchy texture
  • Seasoned with salt and other ingredients for a unique flavor
  • Available in a variety of sizes, making them a convenient snack for any occasion
  • A popular snack food that is enjoyed by people all over the world

Lays Potato Chips American Style Cream & Onion 73g

Lays Potato Chips Cream & Onion
  • DELECTABLE FLAVOUR: American style onion and cream chips are served with an exceptional combination of delicious flavours made from the best quality and farm-grown potatoes
  • 100% Vegetarian: The It’s American Style Cream & Onion is a vegetarian snack that is perfect for ANY Occasion: A multi-faceted snack that is suitable for consumption in any environment.
  • Shelf Life: For the most delicious flavor and crunch experience, try Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion is recommended to consume it within 5 months of purchase.
  • A BIT ABOUT THE BRAND It is a brand with a rich tradition and experience Lay’s is always searching for the finest flavors cut, innovations, and flavors which are sure to bring an uplifting smile to your face

Most Popular Lays Chips Flavour Available in India 2023

Most Popular Lays Chips Flavour

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Best Ghee Brands in India

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Is Ghee Good for Your Health? A Complete Evidence-Based Guide

Is Ghee Good for Your Health

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Yogurt vs Curd: Unraveling the Differences Between Two Cultured Dairy Treats

Yogurt vs Curd

Yogurt and curd are two fermented milk products that have been consumed for millennia. Both pack a probiotic punch and can be incredibly nutritious additions to one’s diet. However, despite some key similarities, yogurt and curd have distinct differences in terms of production methods, taste, texture and health impacts. This comprehensive guide will uncover everything […]

Is Curd Good for Weight Loss

Is Curd Good for Weight Loss

Is Curd Good for Weight Loss? The Health and Nutrition Benefits of This Humble Food Curd, also known as yogurt or dahi, is a staple in Indian diets. This creamy, tangy food made from fermented milk not only tastes great but also offers some impressive health perks. With rising rates of obesity and diabetes, more […]