Best Masala Brands in India

Best Masala Brands in India

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Masala, which hails from India, refers to an aromatic combination of spices and herbs used to flavor food. Masala has played an essential part in Indian cuisine for thousands of years and plays an integral part of its culinary culture.

Indian cuisine is world renowned, and masala is one of the key components that lend its distinctive taste. Masala refers to a blend of various spices combined in such a way as to create an explosion of taste and aroma in Indian dishes; from fiery red chili powder to fragrant garam masala; India boasts many options that are sure to please every palette! In this article we’ll highlight some of India’s premier masala brands which have gained in popularity for their quality, authenticity and ability to enhance flavors when cooking Indian cuisine.



List of Best Masala Brands in India : 

S. No.


1. Everest 
2. MDH
3. Badshah
4. Catch
5. Eastern
6. Suhana 
7. MTR
8. Ramdev
9. Tata Sampann
10. Pushp



India’s Leading Best Masala Brands :

1. Everest :

Everest is one of the oldest and best-known masala brands in India, dating back to 1968 when they opened shop. Since then, Everest has become a household name offering an assortment of spices, herbs, seasonings, masalas with authentic flavors like Everest Chicken Masala, Garam Masala , Chhole Masala, Sabji Masala, Sambhar masala, chaat masala , Kitchen King Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala, Pani Puri Masala and Kasuri Methi to their line up of products.

Everest Masala is an acclaimed and trusted brand that has long added zest to Indian cuisine since its introduction. Boasting over three decades of history and excellence in quality, authenticity, and taste; Everest Masala provides aromatic spices as well as flavorful blends designed to suit varying culinary preferences within homes across India.

Features of Everest Masala :

  • Everest Masala prides itself on providing unsurpassed quality in every product it creates. They carefully source only premium ingredients from across India and beyond, to guarantee only the finest reaches your kitchen. Each spice is ground and blended perfectly so as to retain all its natural flavors and aromas.
  • Authentic Indian Flavor: Everest Masala prides itself on recreating the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Their expert spice masters craft their blends carefully, achieving just the right balance of regional dishes’ hallmark flavors in everest Masala Biryani Masala, fiery Tikka Masala or aromatic Garam Masala for you to experience authentic flavors on every plate – truly bringing India right to your kitchen table.
  • Everest Masala provides an expansive selection of products to satisfy every culinary need. Ranging from basic spices like turmeric and cumin to specialty blends like Pav Bhaji Masala, Chole Masala and Rajma Masala; everest Masala ensures there’s the ideal spice blend for each dish on their menu. They even offer ready-to-use spice powders making the process of cooking easier than ever!
  •  Hygienic Packaging: Everest Masala understands the significance of hygiene when it comes to food products, so their spices are packed in airtight moisture-resistant packages to maintain freshness and quality, preserving flavor for an extended time frame. Everest Masala makes an ideal addition to your kitchen pantry!
  •  Trusted Brand: Over the years, Everest Masala has won the trust and loyalty of millions of households throughout India and beyond due to its dedication to quality, consistency and taste – making it a staple ingredient in Indian kitchens. Likewise, Everest Masala has received various certifications, further cementing its place as a reliable brand.


Everest Masala
Everest Masala



2. MDH :

MDH, established in 1919 and providing quality masala products ever since. Their range includes spice blends, whole spices and masalas; their most renowned offerings being MDH Chicken Masala, Chana Masala and Paneer Masala.MDH Masala is an iconic Indian brand known for producing premium spices and masalas since 1919. Boasting a rich heritage and commitment to authentic flavor profiles, MDH is now widely recognised both within India as well as abroad.

Features of MDH Masala :

  • Wide Variety of Spices and Masals: MDH offers an extensive variety of spices and masalas that complement regional and global cuisines. From everyday essentials such as turmeric and cumin to specialty blends for biryanis and curries, MDH offers something suitable for everyone’s palates.
  • MDH prides itself on using only premium quality ingredients in its masalas. Carefully selected spices are ground and blended using traditional techniques in order to retain their aroma and flavor, providing an extraordinary culinary experience.
  • MDH Masalas are well known for their authentic flavors, upholding traditional recipes to bring true Indian cuisine into homes across America. By keeping with tradition and maintaining original taste, this brand enables consumers to recreate this experience at home.
  • Hygienic and Safe: MDH adheres to stringent quality control measures to ensure the safety and hygiene of its products, from sourcing through packaging. Every step is carefully monitored against international standards for maximum consumer protection ensuring safe and reliable masalas for everyday consumption.
  • Trusted Brand: With over 100 years of experience and millions of consumers worldwide trusting MDH products, the brand has won their trust and become a reliable symbol in the spice industry.
  • MDH is committed to sustainable practices and responsible sourcing. They actively support farmers, promote fair trade practices and work to minimize their environmental footprint for maximum positive impact on both society and planet.
  • MDH has gained immense global acclaim, expanding beyond India to become a popular global brand that makes their masalas available to consumers from multiple cultures around the globe. They allow people from different cultural backgrounds to discover and enjoy authentic Indian flavors through this brand’s products.
  • Versatile Usage: MDH masalas are extremely flexible and can be used in numerous recipes, from simple dals to elaborate curries and beyond. No matter the dish, MDH spices add depth, aroma, and burst of flavors enhancing its taste while increasing culinary creativity.


MDH Masala
MDH Masala



3. Badshah :

Badshah is a relatively new entry to the Indian masala market, yet has quickly earned significant acclaim due to the quality of its products. Offering Chat Masala, Biryani Pulav Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala, as well as traditional techniques, Badshah uses only freshest ingredients and traditional preparation techniques in its recipes to maintain authentic flavors in each masala it offers.Badshah Masala has long been recognized for its diverse selection of spices and seasonings that bring delicious flavor to food lovers across the nation.

Boasting more than 20 years of excellence, Badshah Masala has become an established name across households across India due to its commitment to quality, authenticity and flavor – making it an obvious choice among professional chefs as well as home chefs. Experience the exquisite flavors of Badshah Masala to elevate your cooking to new heights. No matter whether you are an enthusiastic home chef or professional chef, these extraordinary spices will add an authentic flare to all of your meals.

Features of Badshah Masala :

  • With unrivalled quality in mind, Badshah Masala guarantees only premium ingredients are sourced and processed to preserve their original flavors and aromas. Each spice is selected and blended carefully for an exquisite and balanced flavor experience.
  • Authentic Flavors: Badshah Masala’s spices and seasonings are expertly designed to reflect traditional Indian cuisine with authentic flavor profiles that honor India’s rich culinary history.
  • Badshah Masala offers an extensive variety of spices and blends that cater to various regional and international cuisines. No matter whether it is classic Indian curry, continental cuisine or fusion recipes you are creating; Badshah Masala has just the right spice blends for any culinary adventure!
  • Badshah Masala’s packaging has been specifically created for ease of use and convenience, featuring airtight containers to preserve freshness while making it effortless to measure out and add the appropriate flavorings to dishes.
  • Hygienic and Safe: Badshah Masala takes great pride in adhering to stringent quality control measures that guarantee its products meet the highest safety and hygiene standards. Their cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and rigorous testing processes guarantee you can enjoy their spices with absolute peace of mind.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Badshah Masala has won over professional chefs, restaurateurs and culinary experts who rely on its consistent quality and outstanding flavor for their menu items. Furthermore, its popularity among food enthusiasts attests to its excellence.
  • Badshah Masala spices can be used creatively to add an exotic flair to a variety of cuisines, such as soups, salads, marinades and snacks – giving you more ways than ever before to enhance the flavors in your culinary creations.


Badshah Masala
Badshah Masala



4. Catch :

Catch is renowned for its innovative flavors and premium ingredients. Offering an assortment of masalas including Catch garam Masala, Catch Chana Masala, Catch Sabji Masala, Catch Sambhar Masala, Catch Chicken Masala, Catch Kitchen King Masala , Catch Pav Bhaji Masala, Catch chaat Masala as well as numerous awards won. Highly endorsed by customers. Catch Masala is a renowned brand that specializes in creating a wide range of high-quality and authentic spice blends. With a legacy spanning several decades, Catch Masala has established itself as a trusted name in the culinary world, offering flavorful and aromatic spices that elevate the taste of every dish. From traditional Indian recipes to international cuisines, Catch Masala adds a touch of magic to your culinary creations.

Features of Catch Masala :

  • Unparalleled Quality: Catch Masala is committed to providing spices of exceptional quality. Each blend is carefully crafted using handpicked ingredients, ensuring the highest standards of taste and purity.
  • Authentic Flavors: The brand takes pride in capturing the authentic essence of Indian spices. Catch Masala blends are expertly formulated to deliver the perfect balance of flavors, bringing out the true taste of every dish.
  • Extensive Range: Catch Masala offers a diverse range of spice blends to cater to various culinary preferences. Whether you’re looking for a fiery kick, a mild seasoning, or a complex blend of flavors, Catch Masala has a spice mix to suit every palate.
  • Convenience: With Catch Masala, preparing delicious meals becomes effortless. The pre-mixed spice blends are convenient and time-saving, allowing you to enhance the flavor of your dishes without the hassle of individually measuring and mixing multiple spices.
  • Versatility: Catch Masala spices are versatile and can be used in a multitude of dishes. From curries, marinades, and biryanis to snacks, salads, and dips, these spice blends add depth and richness to a wide range of recipes.
  • Hygienic Packaging: Catch Masala takes utmost care in packaging its products to maintain freshness and hygiene. The spices are sealed in robust containers that preserve their aroma, flavor, and quality, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.
  • Trusted Brand: Catch Masala has earned the trust and loyalty of millions of consumers worldwide. Its consistent commitment to excellence and uncompromising quality has made it a preferred choice among home cooks and professional chefs alike.

With Catch Masala’s exceptional range of spice blends, you can transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary masterpieces. Discover the taste of perfection with Catch Masala and elevate your cooking to new heights.


Catch Masala
Catch Masala



5. Eastern :

Eastern is an esteemed Indian masala brand offering an assortment of spice blends and masalas. Established in 1983, they have since provided customers with high-quality products such as their Eastern Garam Masala, Meat Masala and Biryani Masala and Rasam Powder products. Eastern Masala has long been synonymous with satisfying taste buds with its impressive collection of spices and seasonings, delighting millions worldwide with traditional Indian cuisine as well as international flavors alike. Backed by years of history and quality standards, Eastern Masala is now trusted by millions. Their commitment to quality means this beloved brand remains at the center of people’s daily lives worldwide – offering products to enhance both flavor and aroma in every dish they touch.

Features of Eastern Masala :

  • Wide Variety of Spices: Eastern Masala offers an extensive variety of spices, perfect for various culinary preferences. From everyday essentials like cumin, turmeric and coriander to specialty options like cardamom, fenugreek and saffron; Eastern Masala ensures every spice enthusiast will find what they need here.
  • Premium Quality: Eastern Masala takes great pride in offering premium spices sourced from only the highest regions. Their stringent quality checks and standards guarantee only fresh and pure ingredients reach their products.
  • Authentic Flavors: Eastern Masala brings traditional Indian flavors right into your own kitchen, so you can create authentic meals without leaving home. Our spices have been carefully combined for optimal balance that brings out each dish’s distinct flavors.
  • Eastern Masala provides convenient spice blends and ready-to-use masalas that streamline cooking without compromising taste, saving time and effort for busy individuals or those just getting started in the kitchen. Their specially created combinations save both time and effort – ideal for beginners.
  • Eastern Masala understands the value of maintaining a balanced lifestyle and provides spices with both flavorful appeal and healthful benefits. Many of their spices contain natural elements which promote digestion, boost immunity and offer other advantages for optimal wellbeing.
  • Eastern Masala’s global inspiration extends far beyond traditional Indian fare; instead it embraces global flavors to bring an explosion of flavors to your kitchen – from Thai curry blends to Mexican seasoning mixes and beyond! Eastern Masala brings exciting new adventures into culinary adventures across the board!
  • Eastern Masala is dedicated to sustainable practices, prioritizing responsible sourcing and packaging while actively seeking eco-friendly solutions in order to minimize its ecological footprint and promote a greener future.

Eastern Masala’s extensive variety of spices, unwavering quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice among spice enthusiasts, home chefs, and professional chefs alike. Discover Eastern Masala’s exquisite flavors and aromas in your kitchen and elevate your culinary creations by discovering Eastern Masala products!


Eastern Masala
Eastern Masala



6. Suhana :

Suhana, known for their wide range of spice blends and masalas such as their famous Butter Chicken Masala, Chicken Biryani Masala and Pav Bhaji Masala , Suhana Veg Biryani Mix Masala, Sahi Paneer Masala, Mutter Paneer Mix Masala, Paneer Chilli Masala, Kashmiri Dum Aloo Mix, Paneer Butter Masala varieties, are known for their high-quality ingredients and authentic flavors.Suhana Masala has long been recognized for its reliable selection of spices and seasonings that add zesty flair to culinary creations. We pride ourselves on over thirty years of history and heritage that dates back over three decades – which speaks for itself when millions of households trust Suhana Masala as an authentic and aromatic Indian spice brand! With our commitment to quality, purity and taste that has earned the trust of millions around the globe!

Features of Suhana Masala :

  • Suhana Masala offers a vast array of spice blends and seasonings designed to satisfy every culinary preference, be it North Indian bold flavors or delicate South Indian spice combinations – we have something suitable for every palette in our selection!
  • Authentic Taste: At Suhana Masala, we take great pleasure in upholding the authentic flavors of traditional Indian spices by using premium ingredients in creating our Suhana Masala products and maintaining their true essence of Indian flavors – helping you recreate culinary magic right here at home!
  • Quality Assurance: At Suhana Masala, quality control measures are implemented at every stage of production. From selecting only premium ingredients and employing advanced manufacturing processes to produce products which adhere to the highest quality standards and create an unforgettable culinary experience for our customers, quality is always our number one priority.
  • Convenience and Ease: Our spice blends are designed to simplify your culinary experience. Each pack has been thoughtfully assembled to bring together an ideal combination of spices that bring out an outstanding array of flavors without taking up time or effort in the kitchen. Suhana Masala makes flavor enhancement effortless while simultaneously saving both time and energy in the process!
  • Suhana Masala products provide unmatched versatility; not limited to Indian cuisine alone! Our spice blends can also add unique flare to continental and fusion cuisine alike! Give Suhana Masala products a try now, adding tantalizing new tastes to your favorite recipes while surprising yourself and delighting your senses with exquisite flavors!
  • Suhana Masala understands the importance of providing our customers with a balanced diet, which is why we only use natural ingredients – free from artificial additives, preservatives, or MSG! Our priority is your wellbeing so you can enjoy delicious meals without compromising nutrition!
  • Suhana Masala brings the exquisite flavors of Indian cuisine right to your home with expertly crafted spice blends that celebrate culinary tradition. Experience exquisite Indian dining through Suhana Masala.


Suhana Masala
Suhana Masala



7. MTR :

MTR is an iconic brand known for their ready-to-eat meals and spice blends, such as their award-winning Chicken Masala, Rasam Powder and Sambar Masals. Their products have won multiple accolades over time while being highly recommended by customers.MTR Masala has long been synonymous with authentic and flavorful spice blends that have delighted tastebuds worldwide. Renowned for their commitment to quality and deep roots in Indian cuisine, MTR Masala has become the go-to brand in homes across the globe.

Features of MTR Masala :

  • The MTR Masala Spice Blend Collection boasts exquisite combinations made with only premium-grade ingredients to bring out authentic Indian cuisine’s flavors in every bite – creating an exquisite culinary experience!
  • MTR Masala takes great pride in using only natural ingredients without added preservatives to ensure every spice blend retains its freshness and purity, further elevating the taste of your dishes.
  • MTR Masala Offers Variety: When it comes to spice blends for curries or biryani dishes, MTR Masala has something that’s sure to please every palate – from regional favorites to national blends, there’s sure to be something in their selection that meets them perfectly!
  • MTR Masala understands the value of convenience in the kitchen. Their user-friendly packaging with clear instructions make adding authentic Indian flavors effortless.
  • Quality Assurance: With decades of history under its belt, MTR Masala has built up an unwavering commitment to quality in their spice blends. Every batch undergoes strict quality tests in order to guarantee consistency, flavor and adhere to high standards of excellence.
  • MTR Masala honors India’s rich cultural legacy through their traditional spice blends that pay homage to generations-old recipes, upholding and honoring authentic culinary traditions in Indian cuisine.


MTR Masala
MTR Masala



8. Ramdev :

Ramdev Masala, known for its organic and natural ingredients, offers an assortment of masalas including Chole Masala Garam Masala, Rajmah Masala and Pav Bhaji Masala that come highly recommended by customers due to their authentic flavors and high-grade ingredients. Ramdev Masala has long been recognized in the spice industry for its unmatched quality and aromatic blends of spices. Boasting over four decades of service to households worldwide, adding flavors and enriching culinary experiences, Ramdev Masala continues to offer superior spice blends with exquisite aroma.

Features of Ramdev Masala :

  • Ramdev Masala prides itself on providing only premium quality spices to its customers, with each spice passing rigorous quality tests at various farms and plantations locations to guarantee freshness and authenticity.
  • Aromatic Blends: Ramdev Masala’s unique aromatic blends are at the core of its delicious taste, delighting tastebuds with perfectly balanced combinations of spices to produce mouthwatering dishes that delight. The brand takes great pride in creating their masterpieces of flavor blending and artfully crafting combinations of spice to deliver exquisite tastes to delight palates everywhere.
  • Ramdev Masala offers an expansive variety of spices to meet every culinary need and preference, from fiery red chili powder to subtle sweetness of cinnamon or the earthy aroma of cumin seeds – you are sure to find just the right spice blend here!
  • Ramdev Masala believes in providing spices in their purest form without artificial preservatives, to preserve both their flavor and nutritional value for greater satisfaction and delicious meals. Our natural flavors and nutritional value remain intact so that you can experience both healthier and tastier meals!
  • Versatile Usage: From traditional Indian dishes to international cuisines, Ramdev Masala spices offer versatile use in all kinds of culinary creations. Be it spicy curry sauce, flavorful biryani or flavorful marinades; these spices will elevate all culinary creations!


Ramdev Masala
Ramdev Masala



9. Tata Sampann :

Tata Sampann Masala is an award-winning brand known for its superior products and strict quality controls. Offering a selection of masalas – Pav Bhaji Masala, Chole Masala and Biryani Masala – these company’s commitment is to providing customers with authentic flavors and superior quality products.Tata Sampann Masala is a range of premium-quality Indian spices and blends that are crafted to perfection to enhance the flavors of your culinary creations. Made with the finest ingredients and a commitment to authenticity, Tata Sampann Masala brings the rich and aromatic essence of Indian cuisine to your kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, Tata Sampann Masala is the perfect companion to elevate your dishes and delight your taste buds.

Features of Tata Sampann Masala :

  • Superior Quality: Tata Sampann Masala is made using carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, ensuring a truly authentic and flavorful experience in every dish.
  • Expertly Crafted Blends: Each spice blend in the Tata Sampann Masala range is expertly crafted to bring out the perfect balance of flavors, allowing you to create delicious and authentic Indian dishes effortlessly.
  • Authentic Taste: The masalas are prepared using traditional recipes, passed down through generations, ensuring that you can enjoy the true flavors of India in your cooking.
  • Purity and Freshness: Tata Sampann Masala is made with pure and fresh ingredients, free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, guaranteeing a wholesome and natural taste.
  • Easy-to-use Packaging: The convenient packaging of Tata Sampann Masala ensures easy storage and use, allowing you to sprinkle or measure the desired quantity with ease.
  • Versatile Range: Tata Sampann Masala offers a wide range of spices and blends, catering to different regional cuisines and specific dishes, giving you the freedom to explore and experiment in your kitchen.
  • Trusted Brand: Tata Sampann is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and excellence, ensuring that every pack of Tata Sampann Masala lives up to the highest standards.

With Tata Sampann Masala, you can bring the vibrant and diverse flavors of India to your table, adding a touch of authenticity and culinary finesse to your cooking. Experience the difference and let your taste buds embark on a delightful journey through the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.


Tata Sampann Masala
Tata Sampann Masala



10. Pushp Masala :

Pushp Masala is renowned for its creative flavors and high-grade ingredients, featuring innovative Butter Chicken Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala and Mutton Masala options that customers often recommend as authentic experiences with premium quality ingredients.Pushp Masala has long been considered an iconic name in Indian spices, known for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavour. Trusted by millions of consumers across the world, each product is meticulously created using only top ingredients in traditional recipes to provide a wonderful culinary experience for each palate.

Features of Pushp Masala :

  • Pushp Masala takes great pride in offering uncompromised quality spices to their customers. Each ingredient undergoes stringent quality controls to ensure purity, freshness and superior flavor.
  • Pushp Masala’s irresistible flavors stem from their dedication to traditional Indian recipes and offering an authentic experience that transports you directly into India with each bite.
  • Pushp Masala offers an array of spices and masalas for any culinary need, ranging from basic essentials like turmeric powder and cumin seeds to specialty blends designed specifically to complement biryanis, curries and regional delicacies. Whatever the dish may be, Pushp Masala has just the spice!
  • Pushp Masala is committed to ethical sourcing practices, working with trusted farmers and suppliers who follow sustainable farming methods in order to source its spices responsibly while supporting local communities and fostering environmental sustainability.
  • Pushp Masala uses hygienic packaging techniques to preserve the freshness and aroma of its spices, guaranteeing you an enjoyable experience each time you use them. Each product is sealed carefully to maintain quality while increasing shelf life – creating an amazing sensory experience each time you use one!
  • Pushp Masala provides the perfect way to add authentic flavors of India into your culinary creations and provide unforgettable dining experiences for you and your loved ones.


Pushp Masala
Pushp Masala



Selecting an authentic and flavorful Indian meal requires selecting an authentic Best Masala Brands. By considering factors like quality of ingredients, authenticity of flavor profiles, availability, price and customer reviews you can easily select the ideal brand.

Its Indian cuisine wouldn’t be complete without vibrant and aromatic masalas that add depth and character to each dish. India’s premier masala brands have perfected the art of blending spices to capture traditional recipes’ essences and provide extraordinary flavors across India – whether fiery chili powder heat or subdued garam masala balance; their products have delighted generations’ palates since their launch! When embarking on culinary adventures be sure to utilize products offered by these reliable brands; let your tastebuds journey through India’s vibrant flavors!



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