Best Drinking Water Brands in India

Best Drinking Water Brands in India

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Staying hydrated requires both quantity and quality of water consumption; with a market saturated with various brands claiming to offer pure and refreshing drinking experiences. This article takes a closer look at those water providers who have earned recognition for quality, taste, and commitment to providing clean drinking water.

Hydration should not be seen as an optional expense. Water quality matters greatly and with so many brands to choose from, finding the best brand in India may prove challenging. This article aims is provide Best Drinking Water Brands and quality information so user can find the suitable water brands as per their need to burst the bubble of confusion and provide you with a comprehensive guide to the top water brands in the country. Water is essential to life. Access to clean and safe drinking water is a basic need in India for every individual, making finding reliable sources essential. One way to ensure the purity and free from impurities of your drinking water source is selecting a renowned brand of water; here we will explore India’s best water brands and how they differ.

The Importance of Drinking Clean Water :

Water is essential to good health and should always come from reliable sources. Contaminated drinking water poses the threat of waterborne diseases, making it essential to invest in secure supplies.. Research indicates the necessity of drinking enough water daily – each person should aim to drink 2.5 to 3L daily.

Study says Water comprises from 75% body weight in infants to 55% in elderly and is essential for cellular homeostasis and life.

Also Choosing a water brand look for factors such as Purity, Minerals Content, and sustainable and recyclable Packaging.

List of Best Drinking Water Brands :

S. No.


1. Kinley
2. Bislery
3. Himalayan Water
4. Aquafina
5. Bailley

Top 5 Water Brands in India :

1. Kinley :


Kinley packaged drinking water ensures purity and safety in every drop. It’s made using an intensive 10-step purification process, ensuring purity & trust in every drop.

Kinley is an iconic brand of packaged drinking water produced by The Coca-Cola Company and dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to consumers. Kinley Water purification systems meet stringent safety standards; each purified bottle undergoes a 10-step purification process designed to eliminate impurities such as impurities, microorganisms, or any potential contaminants and ensure safe consumption that meets high purity standards.

Kinley packaged water is available in several convenient sizes ranging from small bottles to larger containers, making it easier for consumers to stay hydrated on the go or at home. Widely distributed and found across India, many consumers trust Kinley as a safe drinking water option when tap water quality becomes an issue; its emphasis on purity, safety, and trust has contributed to its immense popularity within the Indian market.

2. Bislery :


Bisleri is one of India’s premier packaged drinking water brands and an icon in its own right, known for providing clean and safe drinking water to its millions of customers throughout India for more than 130 years. Bisleri holds a distinguished legacy. It was founded in 1969 by Felice Bisleri, and the brand quickly became a household name. Bisleri is renowned for its commitment to purity.
Our company utilizes a stringent water purification process that ensures the removal of impurities, contaminants, and microorganisms from our supply.

Bisleri stands out from its competition by drawing its water directly from natural springs, drawing from select natural sources that are believed to enhance the taste and quality of water. Bisleri provides various products to meet individual consumer needs – bottle sizes and types, such as natural mineral and drinking water are available.

The brand is known for its distinctive bottles, making it easily recognizable in the market. Bisleri has earned the trust of millions of consumers in India. Its name is often associated with reliability and quality, making it a preferred choice for safe drinking water, especially in regions with concerns about tap water quality.

Bisleri has also taken steps to address environmental concerns related to plastic waste. They’ve introduced eco-friendly initiatives and are committed to responsible packaging. Bisleri is a brand that has stood the test of time in India and established itself as a clean and reliable drinking water symbol. Its focus on purity, natural sourcing, and consumer trust has contributed to its enduring popularity.

3. Himalayan Water :

Himalayan Water
Himalayan Water

Himalayan Water Himalayan Water is sourced from natural springs in the Himalayan mountain range. The water is believed to be enriched with minerals and has a unique taste due to its natural origin. the water from Himalayan is known for its mineral content, which can provide added health benefits. The brand often promotes the natural goodness of Himalayan water. Himalayan Water is typically available in distinctive, aesthetically designed bottles that reflect the purity and natural origins of the water.

The brand emphasizes the quality and purity of its water, often highlighting its commitment to stringent quality control measures to ensure that consumers receive a safe and high-quality product. Himalayan Water, like many water brands, is also involved in sustainability efforts and initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, particularly concerning its packaging. Himalayan Water for its unique source, natural mineral content, and the belief that it offers a refreshing and healthy choice for drinking water. The brand is committed to providing a natural and high-quality hydration option.

Himalayan, Raw, and Fine – Untouched and unprocessed, it finally emerges as Himalayan natural mineral water. Offering you a taste of the finer things in life, enriched with all the goodness of nature” describes the unique qualities and characteristics of Himalayan natural mineral water.

4. Aquafina :


Aquafina is a popular brand of bottled water that is well-known for its commitment to providing clean and pure drinking water. Aquafina is recognized for its intensive purification process. Water goes through an intensive, seven-step purification system consisting of carbon filtration and reverse osmosis processes to eliminate impurities and contaminants – guaranteeing safe consumption for consumers. Aquafina water is widely recognized for its crisp and refreshing taste, meeting stringent quality standards while simultaneously offering consumers an enjoyable drinking experience. Their primary goal is to provide reliable hydration sources. Aquafina water bottles come in various bottle sizes and offer convenient solutions for staying hydrated on the go. Aquafina’s clear plastic bottles display its purity and transparency while featuring its brand’s distinct blue-label packaging design.

Aquafina, like many bottled water brands, has taken steps to address environmental concerns related to plastic waste by introducing eco-friendly initiatives and working toward reducing its environmental footprint. Not limited to India alone, Aquafina can be found worldwide and thus enjoys great trust from consumers as a reliable purified water source; particularly popular in regions where tap water quality may be an issue.

5. Bailley :


Bailley is an established Indian brand of packaged drinking water. Bailley takes great pride in offering safe and high-quality water that has undergone stringent quality control to guarantee it remains pure and free of contaminants. Their advanced purification process uses multiple stages of filtration and treatment to eliminate impurities, microorganisms, or any potential health hazards from their water source.

Bailley pays close attention to its mineral content when formulating its water, seeking to find a balance that both enhances taste and provides potential health benefits for consumers. Bailley’s water comes packaged in clear plastic bottles so consumers can see its transparency and quality for themselves. Bailley water products can be easily found throughout India in stores, restaurants, and various establishments – making it convenient for consumers. Over time, Bailley has earned many consumers’ trust thanks to its reliable quality product offering; making it a trusted solution when looking for safe drinking water solutions.


Q: Is packaged water safe for children?

A: Yes, packaged water is safe for children as long as the packaging is intact and the water is from a reputable brand.

Q: Are water purifiers necessary if I buy packaged water?

A: It depends on your local tap water quality. In some areas, a water purifier may still be advisable.

Q: What is the shelf life of packaged water?

A: The shelf life of packaged water varies by brand but is typically several months to a year.

Q: Can I reuse plastic water bottles?

A: It’s not advisable to reuse single-use plastic bottles. Recycle them instead.

As water quality in many countries remains of great concern, selecting the most dependable of Best Drinking Water Brands is of vital importance for maintaining good health and hydration levels in you and your loved ones. These top water brands mentioned here boast proven track records of providing clean and safe drinking water sources, so be wise in your choice so as to stay hydrated while staying healthy!

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