Best Cold Drinks Brands in India

Best Cold Drinks Brands

Summer is the Season of heat and thirst the coolest  way to  beat the heat and thirst is refreshing soft drinks, during the summer season beverages plays an important role in our lifestyle ,that’s why so many brands are come with their refreshing drinks here we will tell you about the top brands of beverages such as Pepsico , this brand offer so many flavours of carbonated and non carbonated drink like Pepsi, 7 Up , Mirinda, Sting energy drink , Mountain dew another brand such as Thums Up, fanta, limka , maaza and many more this soft drink feel you cool and hydrated. here we will tell you about Best Cold Drinks Brands.

Best Cold Drinks Brands List 

Serial No.
Name of Best Cold Drinks Brands

1. Pepsi

Pepsi is a Carbonated Soft Drink Manufacture by PepsiCo Company. it was developed by Caleb Bradham in 1893 and first Pepsi Introduce by the name of Brad’s Drink and then it is renamed by Pepsi Cola in 1898 and after Some times the name was short and renamed by only Pepsi in 1961 talking about this flavour it’s main flavour is cola Flavour and Pepsi has also introduce the diat pepsi. overall pepsi is most Popular soft drink consumed by many peoples .

Features :

  • Pepsi Contain Carbonated water, Sugar, Caffeine for energy boosting.
  • with this refreshing Pepsi cold drink create your parties even more lit.
  • it comes in Different size and packaging.
  • Refreshing taste and flavour.

2. Thums Up

Thums Up is Very Popular Carbonated Soft Drink it has strong and bold taste it has available in different pack size such as 250ml ,750ml,1L, 2.25L. its tagline was “Taste the thunder” and “Aaj Kuchh Toofani karte Hain” thums up came in 1977 after the exit of Coca-cola from indian market and it is quickly gain popularity but later Coca-cola was Bought the todays time coca cola company has the best soft drinks in india ans has a huge consumer base. people love this drink for it’s strong fizzy taste.

Features :

  • Thums up has a strong, spicy refreshing fizziness taste.
  • Contain Carbonated water, Sugar and Caffeine.
  • Thums up has come in recyclable packaging.
  • thums up the original way to taste the thunder.
Thums Up
Thums Up

3. Mirinda

This brand was first created in Spain and has been globally distributed by pepsico this brand name was derived from Esperanto the meaning of this word id admirable or amazing which means it represent the quality and taste of this drink. mirinda has so many flavour of soft drinks but its orange flavour drink is more popular than other flavour of drinks. this refreshing drink can consumed by people of all ages and is widely available all over the world.

Features :

  • Mirinda Has vibrant and fruity flavour that provide refreshing effect.
  • Mirinda can also mixed with other drinks to create coctails.
  • Comes in a bottle or can packaging.
  • Mirinda is tangy Orange Flavour perfect drink for summer.

4. Limca

the Limca is lime and lemon flavor refreshing soft drink. this is a coca cola product it is known for its unique blend of lime and lemon flavour that refresh the taste of your mouth
the Story Behind Best Cold Drinks Brands Limca Come in the Market is when 1971 Ramesh Chauhan was the founder of Parle Pvt. Ltd. Products he notished the gap in market for lemon flavour soft drink and inspired by international brand like Canada Dry Ginger ale and 7 Up and he Created an Indian Alternative with its own Taste Called Limca.
Limca book of world record was first published in 1990 in that time the brand was owned by Parle Company and started by Ramesh Chauhan who sold Limca to coca- cola Company in 1993. Today many People love the Taste of tangy lime and Lemon limca and expand globally with other products of coca – cola.

Features :

  • Limca is Lime ans lemon flavour drink.
  • it Contains Carbonated water.
  • It has Tangy and Zesty Flavour.
  • Limca comes in multiple size and has a Eco Friendly packaging.

5. Fanta

Fanta is one of the most popular soft drink it has orange Fizzy Flavour. it was launced in Germany During the second world war, and the name was also come from the german word called Fantasie. after the war was ended Fanta was very popular in world wide and introduce in many countries including india and Fanta was replace the Gold Spot Orange Flavor Drink in local market of india. Fanta’s Orange Fizzy taste and Packaging was helped to gained Popularity in Indian Consumers. today Fanta was also launched the new flavour of Fanta Apple Delight.

Features :

  • Fanta is Fizziest Fizz Orange flavour refreshing drink.
  • Fanta gives your thirst a taste.
  • Fanta Contains Carbonated water and sugar for refreshing treat.

6. 7 Up

7 up is refreshing lemon and lime flavour of Best Cold Drinks Brands. this refreshing drink is made from highest quality ingredient this company was owned by Pepsico.

Features :

  • 7 up doesn’t contain any artificial color or flavour.
  • it is refreshing fizzy lemon flavour drink.
  • it will comes multiple size and packaging.
7 Up
7 Up

7. Mountain Dew

This Refreshing Carbonated Soft Drink is Owned by Pepsico. Moutain Dew tag line was “Darr ke Aage Jeet hai” through her marketing Strategy and daring advertisement this drink is quickly popular. Mountain dew Marketing Campaigns focused on energizing properties and encourages people to live an active and energized lifestyle. this approach was attracted the younger generation toward the mountain Dew.

Features :

  • Mountain dew Contain Carbonated water, sugar and Caffeine for instance energy boosting.
  • Doesn’t Contain any Artificial Flavour.
  • it can be blended with Cocktails.
  • Vibrant and Zesty Citrus Flavour drink.
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew

8. Sprite

Sprite was founded in 1999 in india. it is a popular soft drink in indian market the green color packaging and the unique taste of Sprite make it very popular and it is successfully captured the taste bud of millions of people.

Features :

  • Sprite is lime lemon flavour refreshing drink.
  • does not contain any artificial flavour.
  • Sprite comes in a eco friendly recyclable package.

9. Coca Cola

When we talk about Best Cold Drinks Brands Coca-cola is the largest selling soft drink it is also known as coke  and it is available more than 200 Countries the eye catching packaging and the unique flavour of this drink make it very popular and under the Coca- cola company other brands generate 60% market share and coca-cola alone can generate 40% Market Share. Coke is available in various kind of was invented in1886 by Dr john S Pemberton.

Features :

  • Coca Cola Contains Carbonated Water, carbonated part of this drink purifying carbon dioxide, which gives coca cola bubbles and fizz.
  • Contains Sugar , caffeine which boost energy level.
  • coca cola also contains phosphoric acid that gives this drink tartness flavour.
  • Also contain Natural Flavours or Caramel Color.
  • Eco Friendly Packaging.
  • Coca Cola Can Be Mixed with drinks to create cocktail or mocktail.
Coca Cola
Coca Cola

10. Maaza

Mango is the king of Fruits and every people love the taste of mango but it is only available in summer season but for mango lover their is no need to wait for summer because the maaza is the solution for your mango love. with this refreshing mango flavour drink you can enjoy it in any season. maaza is made from natural mango pulp gives you the authentic mango taste also the tagline of this brand is “har mausam aam” that means not only summer you can enjoy this drink whatever season you want this drink will not contain any preservatives and added colors making it healthie choice of Cold Drink Lovers.

Features :

  • it is made with blend of mango pulp and water to create refreshing taste of mango.
  • it can be used to create cocktail or mocktail.
  • Maaza is comes with multiple pack.

11. Frooti

When we say about mango flavour Best Cold Drinks Brands, we can generally consider Frooti, Frooti is a mango Flavour Drink it is Parle Agro Product frooti is loved by many peoples it is available in tetra pack and bottles. it was founded in 1985, it was known for its unique mango taste. it is very popular mango drink.


  • Frooti is made of real fruit mango pulp.
  • Frooti is the first brand who introduce their drink in tetra pack.
  • Frooti has a thicker consistency.
  • this is caffeine free drink.
Best Cold Drinks Brands are not only provide a refreshing treat but also in a hot day loved by people’s of all ages from different flavor of soft drinks to classic soda and carbonated drinks. cold drinks company provide different flavor of soft drink to suit people’s taste buds. when we talk about soft drink industry in india. it will generate 4704 Million USD revenue. this including carbonated and non carbonated drinks such as fruit juice , flavoured water and many more.

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