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Saffola Active Oil

✅ With LOSORB Technology.
✅ Saffola Active blended edible oil.
✅ High smoke point.
✅ Saffola Active’s Dual Seed Technology
✅ Vitamin D which supports strong bones
✅ Omega-3, alpha linolenic acid

Saffola Gold Oil Pouch 1L

Saffola Gold oil

✅ Saffola Gold’s Dual Seed Technology.
✅ 2 oils in 1, rice bran oil and sunflower oil.
✅ Good balance of MUFA.
✅ Get the power of immunity everyday.
✅ Vitamin D which supports strong bones.
✅ With Oryzanol that helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
✅ With LOSORB Technology.

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