Glass Oil Dispenser Spray Bottle 100 ml


✅ Our olive oil sprayer bottle is made of food-grade transparent glass. Our oil sprayer bottle can control the amount of oil per time used in cooking. Less oil is healthier.
✅ It’s refillable, super slim and measures only 7inch x 1.6inch x 1.96 ), highly pefect portable size to carry out for picnic and BBQ. After use, just unscrew the lid and rinse with some detergent & warm water.
✅ As the density of the oil is different from the water, in order to get a better use , we kind remind you to put the sprayer higher a little when you use Oil.
✅ Compare with the common oil bottles, this oil sprayer is made from high quality stainless steel and glass, BPA-free and eco-friendly, easy to clean, 100 percent food safety degree
✅ With the compact anti skid design, this oil bottle is hard to clogs and leaks. Besides, because of the spray design, it produces a super-fine mist, more uniform in spraying it, which make your food taste more delicious and healthier.