Basik Aqua Steel Bottle 1L 1N


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🔥 One Wall Fridge Steel Glass bottle with an and outside stainless steel that is rust-free. The lid is 100 percent Leak resistant and rust-proof. Silicon washer is used. ABS virgin food-grade plastic cap. Slim design. Perfect for handbags. Modern style. Elegant & durable brushed SS exterior. SS material is food-grade and non-toxic. Premium SS cap, BPA Free. Odour-free.
🔥 It is food safe. It is suitable to store milk, however it will not keep the same temperature as a typical refrigerator bottles. The bottle can be used for use in cold conditions only. Not recommended for carbonated beverages or alcohol. Be aware that it is not able to provide temperature retention- either hot or cold. The mouth is wide. Fridge Steel Bottle; Easy to clean. Use mild Soap to cleaning of the Flask and it is recommended to keep it open during times of not use in order to prevent the smell. Perfect to use in homes office, at the workplace or when on the move.
🔥 MAKE IN INDIA . Colour: Silver. The material is Stainless Steel with silicon seal. Shape: Cylindrical. Package Contents: 1-Piece Steel Bottle (1000ml). DRINK MORE WATER STAY HEALTHY STAY BEAUTIFUL. Care and use instructions Don’t put in microwave or dishwasher. Avoid using abrasive cleansers or scrubbers for cleaning. Avoid dropping or handling with care. Stay away from heating sources that are direct.
No Harmful Chemicals in Stainless Steel. SS water bottles don’t hold flavor. Drink More Water with Stainless Steel. To enjoy: Water that is pure made from stainless steel bottles taste better!. Stainless Steel is More Durable.
Do not drink and think about the way a slice of lemon could interact with the plastic of the water bottle. As time passes, it may cause a reaction to your other substance and release harmful chemicals into the water you drink. One of the most appealing aspects about drinking water bottles made of stainless steel is that it isn’t able to react with the beverages you pour into it. It’s able to preserve the taste of each drink as you drink it, but keep harmful chemicals out of the way.