Walnut Shell Whole 500 gm


✅ Crispy, high-quality and fresh Walnuts in a Whole 500 gm Walnut Shell Whole 500 gm most well-known nut inside the shell. These in-shell walnuts are the most effective source of nutrients and a healthy snack that never gets old.
✅ Walnuts are excellent for baking and breakfast snacks such as zucchini walnut bread as well as carrot walnut muffins. apple walnut pancakes. Make an amazing dinner. Sprinkle some walnuts with toasted to enhance the flavor of your food.
✅ Sprinkle a few chopped almonds or walnuts to your breakfast cereal. Storage Tips: Store in a dry and cool place.
✅ It is referred to as “brain food” due to the high amount of omega-3. The addition of walnuts to your diet can help to keep your weight in check in the long run.

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