Syska LED Bulb 9W SSK-SRL 1Pcs


  • Wide Application Syska LED Bulb 9W bulbs that are energy efficient suitable for all rooms such as living room, bedroom kitchen, garage or bathroom, etc.
  • It is easy to install With a base of 22 millimeters and you can install it in a matter of minutes. Standard light bulbs provide the brightest and most stable light to your home or office without waiting until you turn the switch on.
  • 9 Watt >900 Lumens Eco-friendly daylight LED light bulbs to replace light bulbs with 100 watts and use 95% less electricity than to incandescent bulbs, securing huge amounts of energy costs. Input Voltage: AC 90-Long lasting Energy efficient A+ LED light bulbs that are equivalent to them are an ideal alternative to incandescent lamps CFL, halogen and halogen lamps that lasting 20 times longer, and can last up to 50000 hours of lifetime(based on the number of hours you use every day).
  • •Lower power consumption and no UV/IR light. suitable for use as a replacement for CFL High Operating Voltage, Eco-friendly Good for eyes and visibility.
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