Prasang Cow Ghee Premium 1L


✅ 100% COW’S Premium GHEE with delicious taste and AROMA Pure Ghee, made from the purifying 100% organic butter that comes from cows just like homemade ghee with its flavor and taste.
✅ Keep your digestion in check Avoid unhealthy choices like super refined cooking oils and butter in favor of asli ghee which helps in more efficient digestion and provides an energy boost before you start your day.
✅ Better nutrition, better immunity Infused with vitamin A D E & K, and omega-3s. Ghee helps improve your immune system and joint health, heart health, and much more.
✅ No preservatives, non-GMO We don’t sacrifice the quality, purity and flavor of our Ghee. Our premium cow’s ghee has been FSSAI certified , making it suitable for consumption.
✅ How to Use: Pour some ghee over chapatis, bread, parathas, etc. You can also use it as the flavor of a hot tadka in curries, dals and other vegetables. Ghee can also be used to make a homemade treatment for your skin and hair.

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