Nutraj Plain Pistachio Kernel Natural 100 gm


✅ Nutraj provides you with a wide range of premium dry fruit.
✅ 100% PREMIUM CALIFORNIA PISTA Extraordinary Jumbo Pistachios, Roasted Salted and fresh from their Shell.
✅ ROASTED AND SALTED PISTA The perfect balance of salt with low sodium aids in bringing the most flavor.
✅ These crunchy treats are an ideal addition to desserts, meals, or snacks.
✅ PREMIUM PACKAGING California Pistachios pack comes in an re-sealable bag to preserve its crunch.
✅ Flavorful and crunchy The premium packaging ensures that Nutraj Pistas delicious and crunchy.
✅ PREMIUM PISTA QUALITY: Assured pistachios almond best quality.
✅ Nutrients rich Pistachios are a fantastic source of healthy fats, fiber, protein and antioxidants.

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