Moong Dal Bari (Mangodi) Premium Homemade 200 gm


✅ Moong Dal Mangodi can be described as a pakoda , or wadi-like snack made from batter made from cooked and spiced moong Dal. This batter can be piped into tiny pieces, dried in the sun and then stored inside airtight vessels.
✅ The delicious and nutritious mangodis are deep-fried and incorporated into recipes like dals, pulaos, and even subzis such as Mangodi ki Dal, Palak Mangodi Papad Mangodi ki Subzi and Methi Mangodi. Mangodis are not just convenient but also delicious!
✅ It can be made with a variety of vegetables including aloo badi matar badi, papad mangodi and palak mangodi. the mangodi pulav, mangodi Kadhi and numerous other. Mungodi is roasted or baked with a few drops of olive oil (Microwave) is an excellent appetizer.
✅ Moong dal is delicious and nutritious. It is digestible and high in protein. Mungodi is a fantastic variant of moong dal that can be eaten along with parantha, roti or rice.
✅ High in Nutrion.

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