HIT Anti Roach Gel – Cockroach Killer 20g


  • DIY Pest Control Solutions A unique gel formulation that draws and kills cockroaches, as well as their nest
  • The product is safe for use in the kitchen. It does not contain toxic industrial-grade chemicals, or agricultural insecticides that make it safe for use in the kitchen.
  • OODOURLESS GEL: Odourless, completely flavorless gel bait, which causes no discomfort or discomfort during and after application
  • How it works: Upon consumption of the gel the cockroaches return to their home and die. This results in the elimination of any other insects that come in contact with them.
  • Long-lasting effect: One-time use assures that there aren’t Cockroaches living in your home for up to 45 days. the HIT anti-roach gel tube can last for up to 6 months
  • Where to use The hinges on the doors of cabinets or underside – on shelf edges Cracks and crevices corners and nooks that are frequented by cockroaches
  • Quick and convenient: apply 20 dots to different areas of your home and then go away
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