Godrej Protect Magic Power to Liquid Handwash Bottle+1 Refill 9g


✅ Powder to Liquid : World’s first powder-to liquid hand wash.
✅ The most affordable hand wash in India A single refill can make 200 ml of hand wash that lasts for up to 30 days.
✅ With lime and Aloe Vera: Lime potency is what makes it resistant to germs while the soothing Aloe Vera is gentle on the skin and helps protect hands without drying them out.
✅ Easy to make Simply add 200ml pure water, then pour the hand wash refill powder into the bottle, shake and when you’re done, you’ll get one complete bottle of hand wash.
✅ Delightful fragrance: It has a light, refreshing scent. a pleasant, mild scent to ensure your hands are fresh throughout the day.
✅ Sustainable: Uses 50 percent less plastic, less paper , and 75percent less energy in comparison the other types of washes used in packaging and transport.

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