Gala Steel Scrubber Swash Card 1Pcs


  • Gala introduces the Swash Card made of Stainless Steel Wool Wire Scrub that is hard on dried stains but gentle on the palm – using magnet grade steel and a modern design, perfect for filthy dishes, pots, pans and kitchen utensils.
  • The coarse metal mesh scrub provides an scouring effect to clean food, scum or rust in your kitchen, or tiles – more robust and durable than other scrubbers.
  • This unique industrial-grade scrubber pad is made to make dishwashing easier and better scrub! It is the top scrubber available high-end steel wire sponge to use in your shower or sink.
  • The Gala-designed scrub pad tool makes your dishes sparkling clean, regardless of how dirty it gets. It requires much less work than the other items Durable and long-lasting is a guarantee that there is no need for a short-term replacement.
  • Items received included: One Gala Swash Card Steel Scrubber Pad, ideal for dishware and other surfaces / No soap included Silver.

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