Egg Cutter Slicer With Stainless Steel Wires 1N


✅ The Versatile Egg Cutter – Multifunctional Kitchen Gadget to Help You Cut Wedges with the Perfect Uniformity of hard-boiled eggs for salads, More
✅ It is a great tool to use tool to create delicious egg slices at home at home or when you travel. It is easily foldable to fit into your bag. The sleek and elegant design of the international market makes it stand out from the competitors.
✅ Multi-purpose and high quality Materials made of tough and attractive chrome-plated zinc. These cutting cables are made using stainless steel.It is also suitable for to cut soft fruits and vegetables like the kiwi, strawberries and mushrooms.
✅ Hand Held Convenience The manual egg cutter is Simple to Use Simply Place Egg on the surface, pull down the handle and enjoy precise slices
✅ Egg cutters are device comprised of a tray connected to a cutter made of wires that are stiff. Each wire functions as a knife by cutting through the egg whenever it is pressed against the.

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