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One of the simplest and fastest ways to quell hunger cravings is making an noodle bowl. Instant noodles are an essential aid for bachelors and mothers who are working and aren't able to cook healthy meals. If you're looking for healthier alternatives You can purchase noodles and pasta online made of wheat or Ragi. Instant noodles are offered by well-known brands like Maggi, Ching's Secret, Yippee, and many more. You can also look into cups of noodles, such as Nissin cups Maggi cup noodles and many more, to satisfy your hunger pangs at night. The noodles are available in a variety of flavors , too. Online food sites offer a broad variety of pastas that you can purchase. From the most loved mac and cheese, to meatballs and spaghetti and meatballs, you can cook many dishes using pasta. Elbow Macaroni Fusilli, Penne, Farfalle, Linguine, Fettuccine, and Vermicelli are a few of the most popular kinds of pasta readily available on the internet. What is the time to wait? Take a look at a range of pasta and noodles and choose the ones that are most suitable for your preferences and then purchase noodles and pasta in a convenient way by visiting The @neareshop Grocery store. Pasta may be one of the most popular food items all over the world. For you to enjoy it, you don't need to sit for hours sifting through different recipes that can be lengthy. You can make use of the online shopping process to buy Maggi pazzta, Bambino Pep Elbow Macaroni and the Sunfeast Treat cheese pasta and more.

Find exciting Noodles-Instant-Foods Online at Neareshop

Are you fed up of the same food and do not have time to cook something unique interesting and exciting? Create instant noodles and pasta your favourite food item. They are available in a broad selection of flavors and varieties including vegetarian options like maggi made of vegetables to a wide range of maggi that aren't vegetarian. If you think that pasta, pasta and noodles aren't healthy, realize that with just a amount of imagination and tweaking , it can transform into a nutritious product. What is the reason that everyone believes that anything that is nutritious must be sour? In the present, noodles and pasta are available in a more nutritious and healthy form , such as atta noodles wheat noodles, oats noodles Rice vermicelli vermicelli made from brown rice as well as quinoa and multigrain pasta. The @neareshop, with its wide selection of pasta, noodles and vermicelli, lets customers to indulge in fast breakfasts that are and is also healthy. So relax and browse through the different kinds of pasta, noodles, and vermicelli made by various international and local brands. A few of the amazing varieties of vermicelli, noodles and pasta that are available from @neareshop include Maggi masala noodles Maggi masala atta noodles Maggi Oats noodles Wai Wai noodles, the Ching's Noodles MTR Macaroni, Mama rice vermicelli and Happy Chef kids' noodles, Weikfield Pasta Orgran Quinoa Pasta and many more. The instant noodles category has plenty to offer non-vegetarians, in addition to the standard noodles made from chicken. For example, KOKA oriental noodles has chicken and shrimps, crabs, prawns and lobster variations, Thai chef noodles come in seafood, yellow curry, Tomyum, duck flavor and many more. All of these and more are available at @neareshop. Browse through our complete selection of noodles as well as diverse pasta types and explore the latest flavors. Vegans aren't left out because @neareshop will have something for all of you. The company offers mushroom-flavored noodles as well as oriental design, Schezwan noodles Chinese Hakka veg and curry style noodles as well. @neareshop is proud of its huge selection of instant noodles pasta, vermicelli and pasta. Get online to purchase noodles from @neareshop. You will not just enjoy great savings, but also discover new flavors that you can't get in your local shops.

Noodles and Pasta

Are you in need of some snacks? There's no better time to go to snack. Eat a few noodles from hakka or make Penne pasta with the @neareshop. Get your favorite Top Ramen noodles or Chings noodles and satisfy those desires. The easy to cook noodles will help beat the blues with a definite. And if you're looking to skip any additional steps, simply get cups of noodles instead. Instant cup noodles require boiling hot water, and you're in good shape. Don't forget the those old maggi noodles. The two minute noodles that have kept us full from getting too much for so long. In addition to maggi noodles as the standard but you can also buy maggi noodles made of chicken along with atta maggi noodles as well as maggi noodles made of vegetables. Maggi noodles also offer an option of cup noodles which you can prepare in just two minutes. In case Chinese noodles seem like your favorite, be sure to try Top Ramen noodles, as well as Chings Chinese noodles. Try some Italian noodles from the @neareshop, made in the form of spaghetti as well as penne pasta and macaroni pasta. The distinction between the three is in the shape. Macaroni pasta is often referred to as elbow pasta since it appears as if it is an elbow. Penne pasta is smaller and straighter, while spaghetti pasta is the longer version of noodle pasta. Do you want to stick to the traditional? Just order some rice vermicelli to enjoy an old-fashioned treat. If you want to know the ingredients of each item simply click on the product to find out more. For instance, the top noodles made from ramen contain the following ingredients: Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron Thiamine Mononitrate Riboflavin Folic Acid) and Palm Oil Salt, less than 2% of the following: Autolyzed Yeast Extract Calcium Silicate, Citric Acid, Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate dried Leek Flake, Garlic Powder Hydrolyzed Corn Protein as well as the hydrolyzed soybean Protein.

Noodles - A Quick Fix for Nagging Hunger Pangs

If asked to recite the names of two of the most loved snacks ever in the majority of cases it is likely to contain noodles. Our school days are filled with fond memories of us returning home to eat an abundance of delicious Maggi noodles. Then came the days of dormitories in college. It's safest to say that the college students as well as noodles is a love tale as old-fashioned as. Even the most ardent of us fall prey to the convenience of having noodles for a snack or sometimes, even as for a meal. In our lockers, stocked with bags of noodles seemed to be an act of initiation to officially be enrolled as a person living far from home. The noodles are delicious, and can be a source of quick cooking, specifically for those who have a craving at midnight. You can get different flavors and types at online supermarkets. If you're looking to explore different flavors other than the traditional masala, look for flavors like manchurian, italiano, seafood, schezwan and more from brands such as Maggi, Knorr, Yippee, Ching's Secret, Nissin and many more. Cooking them takes the shortest amount of time and include your favorite vegetables and additional spices for greater flavor and enjoyment. If you're looking for a nutritious alternative, then you can choose oatmeal or atta noodles made from brands such as Patanjali or Top Ramen. If you're not able to sit around for more than 5 minutes, go for cups of noodles from brands such as Nissin which offer a broad variety of flavors. The only thing you have to do is add hot water and then wait for 2 minutes before eating your meal.

Enjoy a Filling Snack or Meal, Anytime, Anywhere

What's not to like about noodles? They're easy on the pocket. Additionally, each packet of noodles is filled, so you can be sure that a bag filled with Yippee noodles, or Top Ramen curry noodles will keep your stomach full for at most a couple of hours. Another benefit of noodles is that they're easy to prepare. You can always make the choice of adding fresh vegetables or other ingredients into the dish of noodles that you're cooking However, if you're the midst of a rush or aren't really willing to go through the task of cleaning and cutting vegetables, mixing the masala that is often included in the majority of these packets of noodles will do the trick and provides a delicious food item that doesn't require any complicated cooking procedures.

Different Types of Noodles for Every Noodle Lover

If you've got a long day ahead and want to make sure that you are prepared with a variety of snacks and food items to help you get all day long, consider adding cups of noodles as one of your 'quick food items'. What you need to do is to fill them with warm water, then cover your lid with it for couple of minutes, then open the lid, and stir. These little cups of joy can be a complete meal.
If you're at the ease of your own home do not be afraid of making your own noodles recipes. Try a different kind of vegetable, perhaps. Perhaps throw some pieces of meat in the soup of Hakka noodles. The easy to cook snacks are great for you to experiment with your culinary adventures.
These include the Top Ramen Yummy Masala Instant Noodles and Ching's Secret Veg Hakka Noodles, the Ching's Secret Egg Hakka Noodles, the Yippee Power Masala Instant Noodles as well as the Yippee Magic Masala Instant Noodles are all classics. If you want a more spicy and hot (flavour-wise) change into these noodles fill your pantry with Top Ramen Curry Instant Noodles Ching's Secret Hot Garlic Instant Noodles and the Maggi Hot Heads Chili Instant Noodles.
Today's population is more health conscious than those from the past, say, 15 years ago. There's no reason to go without noodles if they're your go-to food. We have healthy noodles for you, with Maggi Nutri-licious Instant Noodles atta Masala and the Maggi Nutri-licious instant noodles with Oats and Masala.
To prepare this recipe prepare the boiling water inside a pot. Then add a bag of Maggi into it. When it boils take the water out and store the Maggi in a separate container. In a saucepan you can add 2 spoons Sunrich Refined Fortune Sunlite refined oil. If you are looking for an alternative that is healthier then you could include Figaro and Disano olive oils. Once the oil is heated it, add chopped onions and two green chilies chopped. Cook it for a while. When it is gold brown add the chopped carrots and beans. Fry it for a few minutes. After that you can mix in Maggi masala. Maggi masala. For a more flavorful taste you can include one tablespoon of the Maggi Magic Masala. Add one-half cup of Catch Red Chili Powder and cook the veggies on an oven at a low heat. After they have been cooked and cooked, mix in maggi noodles. Maggi noodles. Cook another time for a few minutes. Take the pan off the flame and serve hot.

One Bowl of Noodles, Umpteen Ways to Enjoy It

Do you prefer your noodles dry or do you prefer soupy noodles? Let your taste buds decide the way you cook this favorite quick and easy meal. Most of us throw noodles in boiling water however, here's a tip that you can incorporate into your recipe book to enhance the flavor of your noodles boil them in the broth of a chicken leftover and any kind of broth in fact for the extra flavor.
Some prefer their noodles free of extra garnishing other than the condiments included in the pack of noodles. We'd recommend that you consider sprinkle your bowl of noodles with extra delights in the form eggs, vegetables or meat pieces and cheese, or almost anything else you want to make curries from and try the numerous ways to spice up the flavor of this classic comfort food. The easy to cook snacks are a great game for your creative culinary adventures.
When you are using cup noodles, you can always consider mixing in pickles. Make sure that your workplace locker is stocked with an jar of your favorite pickle, neatly stored away just in case it turns out to be going to be a 'cup noodles and lunch' day.

Buy Noodles Online

Noodles that you can filter from brands such as Anytime, Knorr, Nissin and Patanjali. You can categorize your choices of food based on whether they're vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the kind, the ingredients used in the noodle and discounts offered. In stocking your pantry with groceries feels good. It's as easy as just a few clicks

Relish the Flavours - It's Pasta Time!

What's on the table for dinner tonight? Do you want to try some Italian food? If you are talking about Italian it is hard to not not be thinking of pasta. It's impossible to resist a delicious bowl of pasta. There are few who don't like pasta. It can be the ultimate comfort food for anyone. The delicious cheese, the rich flavor and the delicious sauce you can never have enough. This staple dish is simple to prepare and does not take up all of your time and is also very nutritious. You can create some mouthwatering pasta dishes, simply by making an amazing sauce. Also, you can look over Instant pasta manufacturers available in India and the pasta price list when you shop on the internet.

Common Types of Pastas


The shape of this pasta is similar to the form of a Bow tie, or Butterfly wings. It has a wide surface with a pinched edge in the middle. The pasta is cooked for about 10 minutes to cook in boiling water . It is delicious with mild vegetable sauces, such as tomato.


Another popular type of pasta which resembles the corkscrew. The pasta is typically rolled, pressed and then spun around wooden skewers, giving them the corkscrew look. This kind of pasta can be cooked of pasta with boiling water, for about 13-14 minutes. The pasta spirals taste delicious with tomato or cream sauces.


The most adored and loved by many across the globe is the cylindrical pasta, which is also called the penne. Penne is medium-sized, and features the appearance of ridged tubes, with sharply cut edges. They take a bit longer time to cook, and work well with a variety of sauces made of cream or meat and also with vegetables.


Macaroni are hollow tubes bent in the shape of pasta. It is used to create the classic maconi, cheese and pasta. Macaroni pasta is among the most delicious, and can be mixed with rich cheese sauces and tomato sauces, as well as creamy as well as vegetables.

Easy Pasta recipes

Spaghetti Aglio Olio: Boil the water to a high temperature in a large saucepan and then add a packet Leonardo Whole Wheat Spaghetti to it. While the water is boiling, chop about 4-5 garlic pods and shred a decent portion of the parmesan. If you don't have parmesan cheese available, you could make use of Britannia, Nandini or Milky Mist cheese blocks which can be found in any online shop. Don't forget that you stir your spaghetti frequently. Once the spaghetti is boiling then drain it and set it aside. Take the non-stick pan and pour in extra virgin olive oil made by Borges. Add the garlic chopped and allow the garlic and oil to simmer together. Cook the garlic until it starts to turn brown. Then, add some chill chips by Snapin and then add the pasta that has been rinsed. Then, you can add the cheese shredded as well as the salt, and even pepper. Make sure to mix it thoroughly to allow it to soak up the flavor. Serve it up with more cheese and relish this delicious dish.
Masala macaroni pasta with elbow Boil the macaroni in the pot , and then add a tablespoon of olive oil from Disano to it. This will stop the macaroni from getting stuck together. Remove it from the water and keep it separate. In a wok cook 2 spoons Disano olive oil. Add onions diced, Dabur garlic paste. cook it until the smell of raw garlic paste has diminished. Then, add chopped vegetables you like and cook for some time. You can also add a tablespoon of Everest chicken or Catch meat masala. If you're vegetarian, then you can substitute the masala by MDH pav-bhaji masala. Don't forget to include salt. You could also add Pro Nature organic red chilli powder if you wish to spice it up. Then, add the rinsed macaroni to the pan and cook for about 3-4 minutes. Serve hot. Head to your favorite grocery app and choose the right one from Bambino vermicelli MTR vermicelli Aachi vermicelli as well as Manna Ragi vermicelli. You can make your own delicious meals. Are you wondering what can you cook using this delicious ingredient? Make the kheer in a bowl to satisfy your sweet tooth, or opt to prepare a bowl of delicious semiya for breakfast.

Buy Pasta Online at Neareshop

There is a wide selection of fresh pastas organic or whole wheat pastas on the internet from well-known brands like Del Monte, Sunfeast, Maggi, Bambino, Yippee and Borges and enjoy the lowest prices for grocery. Some of the items may be sold in specific cities only. However, you can get amazing discounts on groceries starting at 1 rupee. 1 per day. Buy high-quality items from our store. Get super discount offers and guarantee same day shipping. You can also schedule convenient delivery times and have the pasta you love at home delivered.

It's Healthy and Tasty - Buy Vermicelli Online

Vermicelli is an easy and nutritious breakfast item that is commonly prepared in many South Indian homes. It is also referred to in the form of sevai and seviyan and looks like noodles, but is much thinner. Vermicelli is generally made of rice or flour, and will easily absorb the flavor of the ingredients that are used. Vermicelli is incredibly simple to cook and can experiment with a variety of recipes with vermicelli that will add an exotic flavor to your food.
Vermicelli is also known in the form of Semiya and is a staple in India. The dish is referred to by various names in different areas of the country vermicelli is considered to be one of the most tasty things to consume. Bengalis refer to it as shemai while in Kannada it's called shavige. Marathis are known as shevaya and it goes on. It is a dish that can be made as a sweet dish or sometimes even as a meaty one. It is also not just well-known in India but around the globe too. There are many varieties of vermicelli at online grocery stores that carry brands such as MTR as well as Bambino. While vermicelli is typically composed from flour, you can choose a healthier option by choosing Manna Ragi vermicelli that is made from Ragi. You can make kheer and upma, and pulao and customize it according to your preferences.

Make Delicious Vermicelli Dishes

Serve it hot or enjoy it as dessert. You can find endless recipes that you can make using these simple vermicelli noodles. Consider the time when you were able to taste the mouth-watering pure khurma in Eid and Diwali and also the days where you enjoyed a spicy breakfast of vermicelli at the home. Relive those fond memories by making delicious dishes with vermicelli noodles. With sevai you can make upma, idli or create a vegetable vermicelli soup by adding paneer and mushrooms to it. It is also possible to prepare plain vermicelli rice, or Lebanese rice using it. Vermicelli isn't just used to cook Indian dishes. You can also make soup noodle, or make Vietnamese noodles using chicken, or make spiced stir-fried Korean style potato noodles. You're probably wondering what else? You can also cook delicious vermicelli frittata. Let's now talk about desserts because seviyan is also used in the preparation of sweet food items. Let's begin with Falooda! Who wouldn't be enthralled by this delicious and unique dessert? It's a delightful combination of rose syrup fragrant milk, falooda seeds dry fruits, as well as soft vermicelli. You can also make semiya payasam, seviyan Kheer as well as sheer khurma, vermicelli pudding and many more that you can make with vermicelli.
This recipe is perfect for breakfast. It's tasty and nutritious. To make it even more tasty you can add your favorite vegetables and spices according to your preference. Roast a package of Bambino vermicelli in an oven until it is golden brown. Take another wok, and heat Fortune Sunlite refined oil. When the oil is hot, you can add the @neareshop Supermart Select urad dal, Pro Nature Organic mustard seeds and Safe Harvest jeera. Then, fry it for a bit and then add chillies and curry leaves. Then add onion, MTR curry powder Tata salt, and your favorite vegetables. Cook for a couple of minutes, then add the vermicelli. Pour in some water and close the lid. Allow it to simmer. Once it's done Serve it hot.

Buy Vermicelli Online at Neareshop

Cook delicious and quick meals with vermicelli by shopping online. Some of the most well-known brands of vermicelli can be found at our online store include MTR, Bambino, Double Horse, Manna, and Anytime. You can purchase vermicelli in the form of plain MTR vermicelli vermicelli made of rice, MTR vermicelli, and roasted Bambino vermicelli as well as explore idiyappam or ragi vermicelli when shopping online. Find the lowest price on groceries and avail high-quality and extremely low-cost discounts on our online store.