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Are you fed up of refined cooking oils that contain solvent residues, and are searching for a natural, healthy and delicious option? If so, Desi Ghee is the perfect choice for you. If you've been told that ghee is harmful and full of fats this is the right time to dispel the myths. Ghee helps to maintain a healthy gut as well as flawless and beautiful skin. It is a great supply of fats that are healthy, and is advised by nutritionists across the world. It has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. Additionally, it is high in omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin A. The scent of freshly ghee in the kitchen is a great snack for adults and kids alike. Ghee added to cooking pots and pans prior to making scrambled eggs or omelettes helps to prevent sticking. Mutton or chicken cooked in ghee tastes better than the oil-fried versions. Ghee can be added to your vegetables prior to roasting them to create caramel. It is available from a variety of popular brands such as Amul, Jersey, GRB and many more, desi ghee gives you plenty of options to play around with different recipes. Organic and non-organic Ghee is available on the @neareshop website with a range of practical containers. You can look up the cost of desi ghee prior to purchasing it. Purchase desi ghee from an online grocery stores and relish the aroma that emanates from your kitchen.


It is undoubtedly an essential ingredient for us all and is a favorite also! It was first discovered in the Indian subcontinent and has been utilized for centuries in the field of medicine, Ayurvedic therapies and religious rituals, in addition to food. Ghee is typically made using cow's milk. It's not only well-known in India and Pakistan, but it's popular throughout South Asia and in the Middle East, too. Do are you aware of what ghee means and what it is made of? Ghee is nothing more than clarified butter. Clarified butter, also called drawn butter is a type of butter made of liquid fat.

Ghee as Part of Your Everyday Diet

Before we go into the subject, let's make sure that we have this straight: daily consumption of ghee isn't a cause for obesity or unneeded weight increase. There's unhealthy fat , and there's also healthy fat. Ghee is essentially clarified butterfat, and it is into an area of healthful fats. It's not loaded with the lactose as well as casein (a protein found in milk). If you're lactose-intolerant, you can still cook your food with Ghee oil or drizzle an ample amount of ghee on plain rice or snacks like samosas and samosas with no guilt.Ghee is a fantastic source of nutrition and is preferred by many to oil due to its flavor, particularly within Punjabi households. Because the milk solids are removed completely from ghee, it has less lactose than butter, which makes it healthy for people who are unable to take dairy products.Ghee does not spoil easily and provides the same respect to any food item you mix it into. When mixed into food items, ghee oil adds its distinct aroma to foods, which is why food with ghee added to it is so delicious. If you are a fan of Ghee, don't shy away from spreading it over rice, dals biryanis, dals, and even Pulaos. The process is simple to comprehend. Butter that is salted is first melted and then the butter is divided into liquid solids and fats. The solids from milk are removed and only the pure fat remains to be used. The impurities are removed off the surface. The clear, transparent golden liquid that remains behind is what we refer to as Ghee. Ghee's taste largely depends on the origin and the quality of the butter utilized to make it. The delicious, nutty flavour and gorgeous aroma of ghee are exactly due to the melting of butter!

Ingredients of Ghee

As we said earlier Ghee is nothing more than pure butterfat. It is composed of three components which are milk solids, water and butterfat. Ghee is left after the milk solids and water are eliminated.

Benefits of Ghee


As we mentioned earlier , during the clarifying process, liquid milk is skimmed away and separated by the ghee. This is the reason it is a great option for people who are allergic to dairy products. However, it is important to check with your doctor for certain.

High Smoke Point

Ghee's smoke point is 485°F that is more than the smoke point for butter. If you have no idea of what a smoke point means, don't fret. It's nothing more than what happens when fats or oil begin to ignite and release smoke. If this happens the nutrients in it are destroyed, leaving damaging radicals. Because of the smoke point that is high in Ghee, it is safe to use it for cooking, baking , and cooking purposes without damaging the nutrient content. It is safe to know that it won't be broken in free radicals. This is the reason why the nutrition value of ghee is so great.

Good Source of Vitamins A, K and E

Ghee is a fantastic food source for fat-soluble Vitamins such as Vitamin K A, E, particularly in the case of being made with top quality butter. These nutrients are essential and have a variety of health advantages. They create healthy cells, make hormones that maintain your skin's glow and provide excellent vision just to mention just a few.

Great for Digestion

Ghee increases in the creation of gastric acid which helps in the efficient digestion. In addition to gastric acid it also aids in the release of butyric acid (a short-chain fat acid) that is also a fantastic detoxifier that is known to remove toxic fats and toxic substances. It is vital to detoxify your digestibility, and as we know that a better digestion is vital to weight loss and all-round improvement to health.

Stronger Immunity

In addition to aiding digestion, research has found that butyric acid aids in the creation of T cells that fight off infection within the gut. This assists in fighting inflammation, and creating an extremely robust immune system. Butyric acid is also a catalyst for healthy growth of bacterial populations within the digestive tract. With the many advantages, it's no surprise that ghee is used to treat bowel related health issues for centuries.

Buy Ghee Online at Neareshop

If you're one who is averse to crowded supermarkets with long lines and traffic congestion, online shopping is the best option for those who hate traffic jams, long queues and crowded supermarkets. Pick the best time for delivery to receive the top quality of ghee Today, you can buy ghee online at the top brands such as Amul, Nandini, Mother Dairy, Aashirwad and Patanjali. You can be sure that you're purchasing the highest quality products. as well as other food items delivered to your doorstep.

Ghee as Part of Your Everyday Diet

Before we go into the details, let's make sure we get the facts straight - a daily consumption of ghee isn't a cause for obesity or unneeded weight growth. There's unhealthy fat , and there's also healthy fat. Ghee is the most commonly used clarified butterfat and is into the healthy fats. It's not loaded with casesin and lactose (a protein in milk). Even if you're lactose-intolerant, you can still cook food using Ghee oil or drizzle plenty of ghee on simple rice and snacks like samosas and samosas with no guilt. It's always recommended making your own homemade ghee yourself However, if you're planning to go using a store-bought method, ensure it's from a well-known brand, as low-quality ghee often has added adulterants or animal fats. Ghee does not spoil easily and gives the same respect to any food item you put it in. When mixed into food items, it imparts its distinct aroma to foods, which is the reason why food with ghee added to it tastes so appealing. If you are a fan of Ghee, don't shy away from sprinkle it on rice, dals, rotis biryanis, dals, and even Pulaos