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Masoor dal (Lens culinaris) is also known as red lentil. It is the common food item in all Indian household. It is widely grown in tropical, warm and temperate zones because of its nutritious and tasty grains. In addition it is a significant sources of protein and protein-rich food for people who are vegetarian in developing countries. Masoor dal is red in color and is split masoor and doesn't have skin. The entire masoor is brown in color. you can buy masoor dal online  at neareshop we have wide variety of masoor dal, masoor dal whole and many other dals.

Nutritional Benefits for Masoor Dal

Masoor dal is fantastic source of protein, carbohydrates fibers, vitamins, as well as many other micronutrients.  Masoor dal is the plant that has the highest percentage of protein (26 percent) in comparison to hemp and soybeans. Masoor dal is a rich source of macronutrients as well as micronutrients. It is also a rich source bioactive elements. The nutritional value of Masoor dal is listed in the table below.
Nutrient (unit) Masoor in all its entirety Split masoor
Protein (g) 25.8 25
Carbohydrates (g) 60.1 59.2
Fibers, total dietary (g) 30.5 10.8
Sugar (g) 2
Energy (kilo Joules) 1,477 1,443.5

The properties from Masoor Dal

  • Masoor dal has numerous health benefits. The components of Masoor dal might be responsible for these positive effects. the beneficial properties are listed below.
  • It could have antioxidant properties.
  • It could have anticancer properties.
  • It could have Hypolipidemic (reduces the amount of lipids present in blood) properties.
  • It might show antidiabetic activities. 

Potential Applications of Masoor Dal

Due to the abundance of a number of phytochemicals and nutrients Masoor dal offers a variety of health advantages. The fibres, vitamins and flavonoids found in masoor can have a variety of benefits, as shown beneath. 

Potential Benefits of Masoor Dal for the Management of Diabetes

A high amount of carbohydrates and fibres in masoor daal may assist individuals in stabilizing the blood sugar level.  Including lentils in the diet of those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes is suggested since it assists in the treatment of diabetes. It is also suggested to be included in the diet of people in general to prevent the development of diabetes. 

Possibilities of Masoor Dal to Prevent Obesity

Consuming lentils is associated with a decreased chance of developing obesity. The high fiber content of lentils can give you the feeling of fullness earlier, which can reduce the amount of food consumed and thereby reducing the weight of the body. You should consult a nutritionist for guidance before adding or changing any food item to your diet.

Possibilities for Masoor Dal as Protein Source

The protein content is high and can help those looking to increase their intake of protein. 4 These benefits aren't proven you should consult with an ayurvedic doctor.

Potential Benefits of Masoor Dal in Promoting Cardiovascular Health

Masoor consumption can be benefit heart health. Pulse consumption could have impacts on the development of cardiovascular conditions, including hypertension. It could also have impacts on the levels of cholesterol in the blood. These actions, however, have still to be confirmed by humans. Furthermore, cardiovascular diseases need to be identified and managed by a qualified physician. So, please seek the advice of a physician.

Possibilities for Masoor Dal in Cancer prevention

Consumption of masoor dial may be associated with the positive effects of breast cancer in women. The lectins in the plants present in masoor daal have powerful biological properties. They could have anticancer properties. The protease inhibitors present in masoor daal could contain cancer-fighting effects. There is a need for greater research to verify the effects of masoor dal on humans. Cancer must be detected and managed by a licensed physician, so please consult with a doctor.
Although research has shown the positive effects of masoor dal for various ailments, the evidence isn't enough. Therefore it is necessary for further research to establish the extent of positive effects of masoor dal for health of the human. In addition, each individual may react differently to these herbs. It is therefore important to seek the advice of a doctor prior to applying masoor dal to treat any medical issue.