RiteBite Nuts and Seeds Bar Pack of 12 420g


✅ A NUTTY TREAT: A the crunch of almonds and cashews in each bite and akick of health with pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.To add on to this, this great combination is formulated WITH NO ADDED SUGAR
✅ NUTRITION AND MORE: With cashews and almonds that are rich in zinc and magnesium and source of other micronutrients. Dark chocolate that serves as a mood elevator and aids stress management, Oats that delivers Fibre and quinoa provides sustained energy with Low GI. A product with clean and natural ingredients and no preservatives and the benefits
of flax seeds that are a good source of Omerag-3 fatty acids and pumpkin seeds that improves heart health.
✅ YOUR GO TO SNACK: A pack full of goodness for all your sweet cravings. No more guilt for your midnight binge or when you have a craving for something sweet. This little pack can get you through all those tiring commutes or even those quick exercise sessions. We have got you covered.
✅ MADE IN INDIA: We are truly local & Proudly Vocal about it.
✅ ANYTIME INDULGENCE: Your post-run, pre-workout energy boost, in-between meals, sitting in traffic on-the-go, anytime RiteBite delivers wholesome, delicious energy, all wrapped up
and ready to go.”

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