Organic Sweet Corn Seeds – Open Pollinated

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✅ 12 Number Of seeds.
✅ This Product Collect With Local Farmer Durg Bhilai.
✅ The seeds should be sorted away from moisture & sunlight to restore its quality.
✅ Easy to grow.
✅ Good Keeping quality.



Organic Sweet Corn Seeds – Open Pollinated

(12 customer reviews)


📦 Sold & Fulfilled By - ✓ Brand Authorized ✓ Easy Return

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🛡️ Genuine Products All our products are far from expiry, and procured directly from the brand or authorized importers of the brand.

About Products

✅ 12 Number Of seeds.
✅ This Product Collect With Local Farmer Durg Bhilai.
✅ The seeds should be sorted away from moisture & sunlight to restore its quality.
✅ Easy to grow.
✅ Good Keeping quality.


Organic Sweet Corn Seed

The sweet corn plant is part of the family cereal plant that yields edible grains. Sweet corn is a relative of grain corn. Its unique composition is because it has one or more genes that hinder carbohydrate conversion into starch. Harvesting occurs when the water content is around 70 percent. It is a great source of fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins, specifically vitamin B group. Sweet corn is a unique variety that do not immediately convert to starch. The recessive gene is the one that regulate this particularity. For animals and sweet corn crops, sweet corn should be separated from maize to keep out unintentional cross-breeding.

Advantages and Uses Sweet Corn

  • This is an antioxidant that helps in the fight against the process of aging.
  • Regular corn oil massages can improve the skin’s texture significantly.
  • Corn oil increases blood flow on the scalp, promoting the growth of hair follicles, as well as reduces hair loss.
  • Corn is a rich source of iron, B12 and folic acid.
  • Consuming sweet corn frequently can aid in preventing anemia.
  • Sweet corn is high in Folic acid that is recommended for pregnant women.

Specifications for Sweet Corn Seeds

Common Name sweetcornand sugar corn and pole corn
Sunlight Full Sun
Water Regularly watered
Temperature 60-85degF
Soil 75% moisture content. With extremely sandy soil
Fertilizer Needed
Germination 7-10 days
Harvest Season From 60-100 days
No. of seeds 12


Planting and Caring for Sweet Corn Seed

Seeding Corn Seeds Sweet Corn Seeds

  • Corn is a crop that is warm-weather which isn’t able to stand frost. Although it is possible to directly planted outside in grow bags after the soil is warm.
  • The seeding of the grow bag within the safety of the greenhouse, home hoop or cold frame can be the most secure method.
  • In 4-inch wide grow bags that are four inches wide place eight to ten seeds about an inch in length. You can use any pot mix, general-purpose or seed-starting.
  • Instead, plant in smaller grow bags by sowing two seeds per bag , and extracting the seedling that has the lowest root system.
  • Make sure to keep the soil moist while they develop. When you are in a position to plant it outside it should be approximately 6 inches (15cm) tall.
  • As the planting time is near, you can harden the plants by letting them outside for increasingly prolonged periods of time over 1 week.

Crop Sweet Corn

  • Because sweet corn is pollinated openly instead of being planted in a straight row, spread them in a single block to get the most effective results.
  • If the corn isn’t properly pollinated it continues to expand, but will be devoid of grains on its cob.
  • Take your plants’ young ones out of their containers and then tease them apart delicately.
  • Keep as much soil feasible within the roots. Then, 45cm in both directions Plant you sweet corn.
  • Make a hole for each plant, then feed the roots into the lowest point of the hole and then re-incorporate the soil.
  • Sprawling squashes are delicious with sweet corn.
  • When the sweet corn is growing upwards, the squash will cover the field and aid in removing the growth of weeds.

Harvesting Sweet Corn

  • The cobs are ready for harvesting when the tassels on the end begin to turn dark brown hue around six weeks after the time they first show up.
  • If you’re not sure whether a horse is fit to ride, you can do an examination of the fingers.
  • Take off the protective layer and then firmly insert your finger into the kernel. It’s done to release a smooth liquid.
  • If it’s not there it remains a bit watery. when there is no liquid it means that the cob has ended its life.
  • To harvest you can twist and drag the cob to free it.

Aspects to be taken when growing Sweet Corn Seed

Take out any weeds that appear within your sweetcorn with your hands and keep weeding for so long as you are able to get between your plants. Sweetcorn is a robust plant that doesn’t require support. It is a good choice to water in dry weather, especially during the summer months when the silks begin to appear and the cobs begin to form.

The soil should be tilled or hoe below the surface. Get rid of weeds just below the surface of the soil with hoe. Hoeing deep will cut off the corn roots just beneath on the surface of soil.

Spread fertilizer when plants reach 2 feet tall. Divide your fertilizer equally across the rows. Lightly incorporate in the soil. After fertilizing, moisturize.

The most important requirements for their care include adequate sunlight and a continuous flow of drinking water. In providing these conditions, you’ll be able to meet the majority of their requirements. Feed them once every two weeks and ensure they are free of weeds so you’ll soon be on close to creating the perfect conditions for a premium sweetcorn harvest.

Corn requires about one inch of fresh water each week, but this becomes more important when stalks begin to tassel. The lack of water during pollination causes in-ears that have a high number of kernels missing Don’t forget to water your crop. Make use of a soaker hose, or drip irrigation to spray water directly onto the surface of your soil.

Sweet corn does not require trimming in the same way other plants do. However you may cut them back if they seem to be growing in excess in the space allocated to them.

In the summer sweet corn requires at minimum one inch of water every week. If the plants grow to more than 12 inches in height, an additional evenly distributed fertilizer can aid in the production of crops. Weeds need to be eliminated through shallow cultivation. The roots that emerge from the stalks are situated in the top and beneath the soil’s surface.

Common Problems that affect Sweet Corn Seed Plants and Solutions

During the growing season Aphids may attack corn stalks, and they can be eliminated by washing them off with water. Corn ear worms are another aphid that feed on sweet corn via the silk that is produced from the ear. The worms move through the silk fibers until they reach the kernels of corn. While they are annoying but they are not causing serious harm. A black fungus, known as corn smut that is caused by Ustilago mighttis may be present. There are varieties that resist smut.

The lower leaves of sweetcorn can become yellow, and then fade away. In the event that the vast majority leaves seem to appear stable and green There is nothing to worry about. If the tops of leaves start to turn yellow, it is likely to be due to a nitrogen deficiency. A amount of nitrogen-rich fertilizer such as Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer or Azospirillum Nitrogen Repairing Bio Fertilizer can solve the issue.

Aphids are tiny soft-bodied insects that are found in the leaves’ undersides. They can be found in gray or green. Aphids release the sticky honeydew On honeydew, sooty mold can grow. Aphids should be removed by spritzing water. bio-pest control should be employed.

Corn flea beetles may puncture leaves through tiny holes, and they can propagate Stewart’s Wilt an infection caused by bacteria which blocks the vascular system of affected plants, which causes them to turn brown, impaired, and eventually die. Beetles should be removed and the garden planted to interrupt the cycle of life of insects. Insects that bite need to be sprayed with bio-pesticides.

Corn leaves and leaves are eaten by armyworms corn earworms, a variety of insects, as well as grasshoppers. Hand-pick insects and discard them or wash them with soapy water. The loss of a tiny portion of the leaf will make a difference to the yield. You can stop armyworms from forming by planting the early varieties of corn. Biopesticidesmay also be employed to fight sucking insects. 

No. of sweet corn seeds – 12

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