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Snacks are small portions of savoury food eaten between meals. You can find them in a variety of packages or made at home. You can make snacks at home using fresh or pre-prepared ingredients. Snacks can vary from one country to another, but in India there are many delicious street foods and fried goods that can be used as evening snacks. You can find mouthwatering samosas and Pani puri, as well as delicious chaats and Pani puri. It isn't always possible to grab them at the street, so it is best to have them when you feel like eating. Although street food can be unhygienic and may pose health risks, eating large quantities of it could cause problems. Packaged delights are an excellent alternative to street food. These packaged snacks can be ordered online by to save time and satisfy hunger pangs during the day. You can find many varieties of namkeen snacks in India. Some are inspired from famous snacks around the country, while others bring us new flavours. Let's have a look at some Indian snacks. 1. Bhujia- A market leader when it comes snacks, Bhujias have been influenced by Rajasthan's snack culture, particularly  Bhujia was originally made from gram flour. Now, it is available in many flavours, including sweet and sour, mint, chilli, and sweet and sour. Mixtures, another type of bhujia, are now available in a variety of forms. The most well-known is the Navratna mixture, which contains Bhujia and cornflakes as well as peanuts, moong dal and moong dal. It is spiced with coriander, chilli, and pepper. 2. Chips - Potato chips are a favorite snack at almost all parties. These chips are made from thinly-cut slices of potato and baked or fried until they become crunchy and wafer-like. There are also tortilla chips inspired by Mexico, such as banana chips. 3. Popcorn - This movie-time snack is easy to make by simply baking corn kernels. The brand act 2 popcorn introduced cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn to the market. 4. Salted dry fruits and lentils - Roasted dried fruits such as almonds, cashews, and pistachios are another favorite snack that Indians love to munch on. These can be salted or spiced to enhance their taste. Popular are also roasted lentils. You can stock up on snacks to keep you satiated during binging. You can order your favorite snacks online using There are many options on the website to ensure that you never run out of snack options.