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Ayurvedic Nutrition With Herbalife Order On Neareshop

Ayurveda as a science that dates back to the beginning for living has had a long and rich history and its fundamental principles remain valid in the present. The vritilife line of products are built upon Ayurvedic principles and includes authentic ayurvedic plants for particular health benefits that are mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts. In keeping with the ancient principles the product has been modernized to reflect the contemporary life style. The term "vritilife" has been coined as a result of combining the words "vriti" which means thought or decision in Sanskrit and"life. "life" is derived from the brand name Herbalife Nutrition. It can be interpreted in two ways:
  • Life's thoughts that lead to conscious living
  • Better lifestyle choices to ensure well-balanced, healthy living.

The Uniqueness 

Vritilife is the perfect blend from Ayurvedic principles and the latest research. Incorporating the wisdom of Ayurveda the products are designed with the help of Ayurvedic experts. The range of products from vritilife contain research-based and well-studied important ingredients, which are obtained in a precise manner to ensure the highest quality.Vritilife incorporates science into every aspect of design of products.

The Perfect Blend Of Science 

Research validated by Ayurveda :- Ayurveda as a science that dates back to the beginning that focuses on life's cycles has long and rich history and its fundamental principles remain relevant to the present. Based on the wisdom acquired through the ages, the principal goal for Ayurvedic practice is to reach complete health through the creation of an equilibrium of harmony between the your body and the surrounding environment. The science of every aspect of the design of products The the ancient texts and the traditional use of Ayurvedic herbs is combined with the latest scientific research to develop products. The essential ingredients supported by scientific research are included in the vritilife range, which is extremely scientifically robust.

Natural Way To Build Immunity 

Vritilife Immune Health is for anyone who is looking to boost their immune system in a natural manner. It is a combination of Kalmegh and Tulasi which help to boost natural immunity as well as manage symptoms of common cold.

Triphala Supports Digestive System And Helps In Relieving Constipation 

Triphala tablet is blend of three indigenous fruit namely Indian gooseberry (Amla), Chebulic myrobalan (Harad) and Bedda nuts tree (Baheda). It is a unique processed standardized five times concentrated Triphala extract mixed with Triphala powder that contains a an entire spectrum of actives. Triphala extract has been standardized up to 50 percent Tannin 5-6 percent Gallic acid.

Ayurveda Crafted Brain Support 

Vritilife Brain Health has been scientifically developed using Brahmi extract that aids in maintaining healthy brain function. Brahmi** found in Vritilife Brain Health gives benefits that can help improve the capacity to think and improve memory. Brahmi** is a part of the vritilife Brain Health is an indicator of Brain performance, such as memory, learning as well as focus, accuracy, and concentration.